How to Clear Your Cache in WordPress

Have you been told to clear your cache and you’re unsure what steps are involved in doing this? Your web browser, hosting, and caching plugins can each add a layer of caching to your site which can make it difficult to know which to clear. In this video, we’ll show you how to properly clear your cache in WordPress.

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To start, we will clear the browser cache and for Chrome, you would do so in the menu under the More tools, “Clear browsing data…” section. We want to ensure we remove the cookies and the cached image files to remove all files that would be associated with sites online. For other major browsers you would want to take a look at our written guide here:

After your browser cache is cleared you would want to go through the plugin cache and depending on the plugin there are a few different locations to clear this. Below are a few methods for different plugins.

WP Rocket: Go under Settings, WP Rocket and click the clear cache button in the Quick Actions section.

WP Super Cache: Go under Settings, WP Super Cache, scroll down and click the Delete Cache button, and you will use the Delete Expired button.

W3 Total Cache: Go under Performance, Dashboard, and click the button labeled “empty call caches”.

For your hosting provider’s cache, it would depend on your hosting provider as each has its own locations for clearing it, for some of the popular ones we’ve listed the methods below.

WPEngine should have a section in your wp-admin area that you can visit and click the button labeled “Purge All Caches”.

Bluehost has a plugin that is added to your admin area which should give the option in the top bar in your admin area under Caching to click Purge All.

SiteGround also has a plugin called SG Cache which has an area in the top bar for you to click Purge SG Cache or you can go to the SG Optimizer area in the left-hand menu and click Purge cache in there.

If you’re using Sucuri, they have a firewall with caching that you can clear under Sucuri Security, Firewall(WAF), then go under their Clear Cache tab for clearing the cache from the firewall.

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  1. hi, can you tell me what's going on with my site?

    I can't add media to post, but I can add it to media library… I can't create quiz, too… I can't schedule the post and I receive no respond when I click 'quick edit' in all post section. there should be like 'expanding' window when we i click that 'schedule publish' and that 'quick edit'. And also some plugins dont appear. i use yoast seo. there should've appeared in visual editor section, but i see nothing 🙁 do you think it's becasue updating plugins gone wrong? or just cache or something else? pls help. thank you very very very much…

    it was like, it's okay three hours ago, but then it happens

  2. 1) the plughin you describe does not exist in the wordpress plughin search

    2) it is not possible to delete any cache from google because also with other systems the cache pages are kept

    3) if the system works after how long the cache page is deleted?

    4) the WP-ROCKET plughin does NOT EXIST

    5) I typed on the search engine a precise thing and google as silite provides me with USELESS AND GENERAL information. GOOGLE DOES NOT WORK

  3. Well, you just gained another subscriber. I was having an issue with my site not loading the changes I made to my site. Searched on youtube and found your video. Thanks for cover the different ways to clear cache because the first three could not work for there were no such plugins on my site, However, when I went to siteground and did as you said, the changes on the site updated immediately. Thanks again. I am a beginner so I will be on your channel a lot.


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