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Hello everyone! Today I am showing you my clear file collection. I recently found out people actually collect these seriously, and since I have quite a few, I wanted to show you!

My instagram:


Kodomoi – Cloudy

Couple N – Thousand stars

Couple N – Again

Kodomoi – Popsicle

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  1. I need that Cells at Work clear file! Sadly, I couldn't find them on AmiAmi. I am a clear file collector too, and so far I have over 200 clear files. I have a MyFigureCollection account (username: tetrix) where I share and keep track of my collection. Nice collection you have there!

  2. Hey comrade collector :3 clear file collector are a rare species that like to remain in the Dark, I started sharing on amino>anime app my 1000+ clear files come post yours over :3
    My username is KittyMeow for obvious reasons


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